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Blogs Roundup

  • Auntielj could use a hug.  She does an awesome job of explaining grief and how it can linger.
  • JayG has a good point.  The facts are not important anymore, and are flexible variables in the scripting of a narrative.
  • Ummmm, no.
  • Mrs. Homegrown is making an early New Year’s resolution.  I need to get a couple new travel mugs and use them when I get my coffee.
  • OldNFO brings back memories of reading Heinlein on our basement steps in Grand Forks, illuminated by the glow of the pennies in the fuse box.
  • BRM discusses magazines and their uses, care, and feeding.
  • I wish this were available in Kentucky.
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  1. auntiejl

     /  December 12, 2014

    Thanks, DB.

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