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Blogs Roundup

  •  Captain Tightpants talks about the growing divide between those who have served the nation and those who have not.  I’ve also thought a lot about this, both from a personal and a political side.  Veterans have to be woven back into the fabric of their society, or both they and the society suffer.   Unfortunately, the number of threads for that weave have dwindled so far that I’m afraid it might not be possible.
  • Roberta X has a new installment in her “I Work On A Starship” series, and it’s an excellent read.
  • Sarah A. Hoyt discusses the need to always fight back, because losing a fight is better than being a meek victim.
  • Nate Hale makes good points about the current trend in crude oil prices and their impact on American production.
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  1. All good ones!

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