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Blogs Roundup

  • Kathy articulates wonderfully why we should allow children, both boys and girls, to play at being a warrior and protector.  That’s why Boo has light sabers and battle axes and even, shockingly, toy guns.  Kids who are allowed to develop a sense of right and wrong and learn when it is correct to apply violence and when it is not correct will not allow themselves to be abused nor will they let someone else be abused, and I believe they are less likely to be the abuser.
  • Nod
  • Mike W. has joined the People’s Commissariat of the Inexpensively Armed and Recoil Addicted.
  • We are all shocked by the destruction from tornadoes in Oklahoma.  If you have it to give, please do.
  • Flopping Aces and B have excellent thoughts on the current kerfluffle in Washington.
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  1. Good links, thanks!


  2. I like that one “People’s Commissariat of the Inexpensively Armed and Recoil Addicted”; it ranks up there with “Bolshevik Flame Throwing Spear of Death” penned by Daddyhawk of Preachers and Horse thieves


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