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Thoughts on the Day

  • It is a loving wife who makes the extra trip to the hardware store to exchange the electrical outlet her idiot husband mistakenly bought the night before.
  • The new outlet worked.  No more breakers tripping and I’m starting to make a dent in the mound of laundry.
  • First row of garden beds in the new set is done.  Now to fill behind them and build the second set.
    • Irish Woman is itching to get the garden in now that we’re not getting frost, so I better get it done.
    • She got the onions in tonight, and bought 9 cucumber plants which she plans to plant tomorrow.
      • Last year we had three and they were coming out of our ears.
      • I have no idea what she plans on doing with even more this year.
  • Boo is displaying a lot of innate family traits.
    • His teacher had to take him to the school kitchen and scrub his legs in a sink because he came in from recess four shades grayer than when he went out.
    • He asked me at the store today if he could have both a nerf shotgun and a super soaker because he, and I’m quoting here, “needs it to get Mommy”.
    • I’m not sure, but I think he was trying to belch the alphabet after dinner tonight.
  • When it starts raining hard enough to streak your eyeglasses, it’s time to quit building garden beds for the night.
  • My idea to purchase, refurbish, and live in an old ICBM silo as a retirement home has been officially rejected.
    • I never have any fun.
    • It would have made a great place to entertain.  Imagine the blogshoot potential.
  • Remember the rule about not trying to catch a loaded firearm?  A corollary of that is to not try to catch an uncapped bottle of soda.
    • The cause and effect nature of the results are quite similar, and made almost the same amount of mess for me to clean up.
  • I considered buying fishing line to get my pole set up, but decided against it when I had an honest moment with myself.
    • Who was I kidding?  When I take Boo fishing, my pole won’t even get wet.  Might as well just get his pole ready and go along for the fun.
  • Want to lose an hour of your life and a bit of your faith in humanity all at the same time?   Just read the blotter report for your city on the website of the local newspaper.
    • My inner-voice response to most items was “Really?   Are people that stupid?”.


  1. Yay for working laundry machines! I have a horror of piles of laundry moldering – that and dirty dishes covering all counters, stove, and starting on random places in the house are one of my “Either frantically dive in, or run screaming” points.

    As for cucumbers, there’s always pickles. And tzatziki, too. I should have planted some; the tomatoes aren’t looking good, the peppers aren’t getting more than two inches tall, and the herbs are doing fine so far. If this keeps up, it’s time to plant zucchini so I feel I got something productive this year.


    • These are all pickling cucumbers. We put up a bunch last year. I’ll have to come up with new varieties this year for tyr excess


  2. Church parking lots, just sayin… 🙂 And opened drinks ARE messy!!!


  3. AndyN

     /  May 20, 2013

    “Really? Are people that stupid?”

    I can’t tell you how many times my kids have been surprised to hear something went wrong for someone and I’ve told them they’ll stop being surprised if they just assume that most people are a lot less intelligent than it’s polite to give them credit for.


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