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Book Review – The Last Pendragon

The Last Pendragon“, by Holly Chism,  is a well-written take on Arthurian fiction.  It twists the ancient legend a few degrees, then lets it progress to the present day.

Plot synopsis:

The main character, Sara Hawke, goes to the mountains to spend some time grieving and getting her mind right when she happens upon a pack of werewolves having their time of the month.  The werewolves chase her for sport over the countryside, and just as she’s about to become Purina Lupine Chow, she is saved by a mysterious stranger who faces down the entire pack.  Sara wakes up to find she is being confined by her savior, but she also wakes up to what and who she really is, and adventure ensues.

This tale grabbed my attention in the first few paragraphs, and I read it in pretty much one gulp.  It’s available in both paperback and ebook, and is another example of a talented writer putting their work out themselves using Amazon and a small printing company.  Mrs. Chism’s writing is descriptive without being flowery, and she does an excellent job setting scenes and describing how the universe of her story is just a few degrees off of plumb with ours.  There are several scenes set in an antique bookstore that I can still imagine in my mind.

This book is appropriate for young adults though senior citizens.   The action is exciting without being graphic, and while the story includes a couple of scenes where the female lead character is in a bath or getting dressed, there is no excess description that would keep me from giving a copy of this book to Girlie Bear.  There is a romantic angle to the story, but this isn’t at all a bodice ripper.

Overall, I’d give the book a score of four out of five.  There are a couple of scenes that I wish the author had been able to expand upon, but they don’t detract too much from the story.  The ending definitely points toward additional books, and I can’t wait to read them.  If you’re looking for a good book to read in an afternoon relaxing in the summer sun, this one is a good candidate.


  1. You are awesome. And yes, there will be one more book in this world.


  2. Awesome – I picked up a copy. Thanks for the recommendation!


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