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Parent Attention Levels

Boo and I are at the local splash park. Basically it’s a concrete pad with several water fountains in it that the kids can run through. Kind of like running through the sprinkler when we were kids, but much bigger.

Watching the other parents, I see a relationship between the number of kids they have and their level of attentiveness.

    Young parent with one child – Never more than 3 feet from the kid. One hand is occupied with a camera or cell phone. Is usually as wet as the child.
    Parent with 2 or 3 children – Sits at table and chats with other adults, but never takes eyes off of kids.
    Parent with 4 or 5 children – Brings a book, listens for screams from their child, occasionally makes visual contact to make sure kid is still present
    Parent with 6 or more spawn – Kids? What kids? A trash novel is their escape from the madness while their horde wears itself out.
    Grandparents – Fits in somewhere between the first and second category, depending on age of child, number of grandchildren present, and presence of parents.

I really ought to get a grant, put up a blind with cameras, and publish on this.

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  1. I’m the kind of grandparent that ties a rope around mine. The lead is in my left hand and my gun in my right. I give out ‘I dare you’ stares.


  2. To be quite honest, I’m nowhere near the young-parent thing (compared to other parents with kids the ages of mine; it’s disconcerting to realize I’m OLD), and I’ve sure got more than one kid, but I would have my camera out…because I’d be taking pictures of my kids having fun.

    And if I forgot the camera?

    Well, I’d probably be in there with them.

    Growing old is inevitable. Maturity is optional. 😀


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