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Psychological or Just Not Stupid?

Over at Time, Justin Frank opines that the reason that a lot of Republicans have failed to support the candidacy of Mitt Romney is psychological in nature.  You see, we rubes can’t take the complexity of someone like Romney who can change his mind about issues instead of staying true to core values.  We yearn for someone simpler, read stupider, who will emulate our anti-intellectual political leanings.  We fear that which is hard to think about and is different from us, and let me tell you, brothers and sisters, Romney is different from us, or at least me. 

I’m not talking about his wealth or religious beliefs.  So long as he gained his money honestly, or at least legally, I don’t care.  As for his religion, so long as he doesn’t try to make me follow his beliefs, and those beliefs don’t harm anyone but Mitt, then I also don’t care.

Listen up sparky, I don’t like Romney because of a couple of things:  Romneycare and gun rights. 

Every swinging Richard in the Obama administration has admitted that Obamacare is based at least in part on Romney’s similar program in Massachusetts.  Romney was at the helm when that commonwealth decided it was OK to force everyone to get health insurance and to make sure that everyone gets their yearly proctological exam on the public tab.  Basically, us proles can’t be trusted to make our own decisions about our lives, so Uncle Mitty made those decisions for us.

Next comes gun rights.  Go ask Weer’d and JayG about how they feel about the gun laws in Massachusetts.  At least with Obama we have the devil we know and the Republican party won’t feel an obligation to close ranks around a Romney administration effort to curtail my rights.

And if Romney has such a low opinion of my right to keep and bear arms, how low on his priority list is not infringing my rights to speech, press, religion, a fair trial, and all of the other things we have fought both for and over since the 1700’s?

I want a thinker in the White House.  I want someone who understands the responsibilities of the office and the limits on its power.  I want someone who’s actually held a job and knows what it’s like to have to work for a living.  I want someone who respects my rights and the rights of every other citizen.

And from what I’ve seen, Romney’s not that guy.

So, Dr. Frank, please take your condescending drivel somewhere else and try to figure out the psychology of an ideology that believes that citizens shouldn’t be allowed to make their own decisions about healthcare, self-defense, or whatever else makes people feel all bad-squishy inside.  I’ll be here in fly-over country preparing to vote against Romney in the primaries and looking at 3rd party candidates if he should get the nomination.

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  1. All I can think of is Hopper trying to convince Sheen what a genius Brando was…


  2. Romney reminds me of “flipper” A.K.A. John Kerry. All I can say is that if Romney gets the GOP nomination, Obungler will be president for 4 more years.


  3. Romney is Obama lite… I don't care WHAT brush they use…


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