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Today’s Earworm

Restaurant Review – Jasmine Szechuan

Jasmine Szechuan is a small, family-oriented restaurant located in the Louisville suburb of Middletown.  It features good food and service and good value for your dollar.

Our family favorites at Jasmine are the peanut-butter chicken (it’s worth convincing them to make this usually sweet dish “extra spicy”), the General Tso’s chicken (again, ask for “extra spicy”), and the sizzling black-pepper beef.  Their won-ton soup is excellent, either as a starter or as the main meal with a larger portion.  This is my “Chicken Soup for the Soul” when I’m not feeling well.  Their spring rolls are tasty, as are the chicken on a stick and the coconut shrimp.

Seating at Jasmine is somewhat limited, so there is occasionally a small wait to get seated, especially for large groups or during peak times.  The dining area is clean, neat, and nicely decorated.  The restaurant has a small bar, so a selection of beers, wines, and liquors are available to enjoy with your meal.  The restaurant shares a parking lot with several other businesses, so you may find yourself walking a little to get to the door.

We have never had bad service at Jasmine’s, and the staff is almost always friendly and helpful.

Takeout for our family of four normally comes to about $40.00, which is about par for the course in this market.  Lunch for Irish Woman and me came to $20 before we left a tip.

If you’re on the east end of Louisville and need to take your family or a small group out for dinner, this would make an excellent selection.

Thought for the Day

Am I the only one that thinks Hillary Clinton could enhance her image with African American and female voters by changing her name to “Hillary XX”?

Today’s Earworm

Political Ramblings

So, Iowa is over, the Clinton/Sanders tug-of-war came down to a rather unlikely series of coin flips, and we all sail on to the rest of the primary season.

At the same time, not a day seems to go by when we don’t learn that the manner in which Mrs. Clinton did email while she was at State is worse than we thought.  The latest revelation is that several of her emails contained information from Special Access Program level categories.  This is the kind of classification you put on things like “We have a guy in the Chinese Politburo.  No, not on the staff, I mean actually in the Politburo.”  Needless to say, they’re highly classified for a reason.

OK, let’s be blunt.  When information like that is compromised, people die.  It usually starts with the source and his family.  From there, it may be anyone who had contact with them, including our own agents who had to gather the data.  Eventually, the decisions and plans that would have been made on the now-lost data will be less grounded in reality, so people’s jobs (if it’s a technological or economic source) or lives (if it’s a political or military source) can be lost.

Got that?  When people have to break out extra words to put a proper classification on something, the chance that something bad will happen if it gets out go up.

Reports are that the FBI is investigating Mrs. Clinton and her staff, and they may be making quite a case against her.  Even if they don’t find a smoking gun that gets somebody on their staff to start singing so as to not spend a couple decades in federal prison, she may be in a bit of legal trouble.

So, what happens if the FBI finishes its investigation, and concludes that Mrs. Clinton, either through design or negligence, allowed highly classified material to slip outside of controlled pathways? (Heaven forfend that they find evidence of Mrs. Clinton and her staff trying to destroy evidence or conspiring to thwart a federal investigation.)

I see a few scenarios:

  1. The Obama Justice Department decides it doesn’t want to be splashed with that particular flavor of bovine waste, so they sit on the investigation until next January.  By then, either Mrs. Clinton will be the president-elect or Mr. Obama can issue her a Ford/Nixon style pardon.  If she’s the president-elect, then the next Attorney General will make it all go away.  If she’s pardoned, she’ll write a book about it.
    • Alternate – The Attorney General buries the report, but the FBI leaks it at a rather inopportune moment for the administration and Mrs. Clinton.  This may or may not have a significant impact on the election.
  2. Mr. Sanders pulls a rabbit out of the hat and gets the nomination.  Mrs. Clinton is indicted a few days after the general election so that the President can point to applying justice fairly without directly impacting the Democrats’ chances in November.
  3. Vice-President Biden changes his mind about wanting to be president, or the White House decides that they’d rather have Sanders go up against the Republican nominee.  Around about the time that the primaries get done, the Attorney General presents the FBI’s findings to a grand jury and gets an indictment.  Mrs. Clinton either drops out of the race (unlikely) or the DNC disqualifies her and forces her out of the race (more likely).  I imagine that this would cause all of Mrs. Clinton’s delegates to go into a big pile marked “Unclaimed,” because she sure as hell isn’t going to throw them behind Sanders or Biden if she’s staring at a trial brought about by Mr. Obama.  The floor vote at a brokered Democrat national convention would be epic to behold as Sanders and whoever tries to step into the void rip into each other over the carcass of the Clinton candidacy.

So, which one do I see as likely, assuming that the FBI gives the Attorney General something that could be brought to a grand jury?  Cynical old me thinks that option #1 is most likely.    If Clinton wins the election, then she is in the clear.  If she loses and Obama pardons her, the Republicans will have just one more thing to ding him with (who cares?) and the Democrats will love him for helping a fellow Democrat out against those nasty law and order types.

But, to be perfectly honest, I kind of want to see option #3.  I love a good political dog fight, and it would make for awesome blog fodder.

Either way, I’m laying in an emergency supply of popcorn to watch this unfold.

You Evil Americans, You!


The United Nations wants the United States to hold some sort of truth commission to air out the grievances of Americans with relatively recent ancestors of African descent over slavery, Jim Crow, and other issues. This is supposed to be a move toward a more open discussion of the problems of race in our country and will also include discussions of such things as reparations to the descendants of slaves.

Well, I’m a little short at the moment. Will they take the blood of our ancestors who fought in the Civil War for the North as a down payment? Can we count the money spent on social programs that have benefited the descendants of slaves?

Look, jackholes, we acknowledged that slavery was an abomination 150 years ago, after over half a century of arguing about it. We got rid of legalized overt discrimination based on race half a century ago, and have exercised the power of the courts and legislature to fight it whenever and wherever we have found it. Every generation of Americans since then is a little better at letting race go as an issue between human beings.

It took 400 years to get to where we were in 1968, and it’s going to take a little time to unwind that particular knot from hell.

But apparently we’re not moving fast enough.

Michael Brown was reminiscent of black men being lynched? Are you bloody kidding me? A thug who holds up a store, struggles with a police officer for his gun, and then gets shot is compared to innocent men who were rounded up and killed without doing a damn thing? Really?

Look for this to be waved around in the next few months. “The rest of the world, who created the slave trade, killed millions of Africans while they were raping and pillaging sub-Saharan Africa up until the 1950’s, and have rarely, if ever, been honest about it or made reparations, wants us to fess up and admit that bad things happened in our history and within our borders!  Vote for me and you’ll get your share of the goodies!”

Yeah, spare me the drama.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for work, because somebody has to pay the taxes that make sure that the U.N. can pay for things like this.

Let the Games Begin

So, tomorrow, the good people of Iowa will go to their caucuseseses, thus officially starting the slightly less silly political season in the United States by browbeating their neighbors and family into a bad decision in a high school gymnasium.

On one side, we have Comrade Greeting Card, who promises free admission to the bread lines for those who have a party membership card.   He is opposed by the Wicked Witch of Benghazi, who promises to provide federal subsidies for the bill she plans to send our families for the bullets it takes to execute us.

On the other side, we have a multi-faceted goat rope.  The front runner appears to be the fuzzy brain parasite that feeds from what used to be a liberal Manhattanite real estate mogul.  Hot on his trail is the product of a wild weekend between Richard Nixon and Patty Duke in Calgary.  Behind them is a collection of, well, a bunch of misfits, and I don’t mean the lovable kind.

Really, America?  Is this the best we can do?

Somebody wake me up in June when all of this is done.

Cynical Musings

  • Our new snow shovels arrived today.  You may thank me now for the mild winter we will now enjoy.
    • Last time I bought new snow shovels, we didn’t get a shovel-worthy snow fall for two winters.
  • If you refer to yourself as a ‘lone wolf’ seven times in three minutes, then you may indeed be an isolated creature, but I very much doubt that you are the alpha.
  • Apparently a few thousand people had the same idea I did to get around the massive backup on the freeway.
    • It should not take over two hours to drive across Louisville.
  • I was informed today that I am not allowed to install a door bell that plays “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!”.  I never get to have any fun.
  • With all the talk about the new ‘correct’  Barbie dolls, I’m wondering when they’re going to ‘correct’ GI Joe.  We could have the “Married a stripper and adopted her kids” action figure, the “Alcohol and Drug Control Program NCO who OD’s on heroin” action figure, and of course, the “Been in long enough to have debilitating arthritis, nicotine stained fingers, and a raging problem with alcohol” action figure.
  • I hate high school politics.  If Donald Trump is unable to stand up to a reporter in a relatively friendly debate environment, how is he going to survive the debates in the general election where the game is visibly rigged against him?  For that matter, how is he going to handle the first time a foreign leader scores points against him in a face-to-face, televised meeting?
  • On that subject, I will vote for the first candidate to hand Candy Crowley a candy bar during a debate and ask her to eat it because she becomes a loathsome political hack when she’s hungry.
  • My first thought when watching this was “Wow, they’ve really improved the roads in Russia!”  My second was “Wow, they really haven’t improved the drivers!”

Today in History

January 28, 1986







  • Boo got in trouble at school today for offering one of his buddies $15 if he would push the button to open the handicapped door as they were going into the chapel.
    • So, that happened.
    • Where do they come up with this?
  • When trying out a new jam cake recipe, it is probably a good idea to make a single batch before trying to make a double batch.
  • In other news, a jam cake made with homemade apple butter is pretty much the equivalent to an applesauce spice cake.
    • With caramel fudge icing
  • I had to remind Girlie Bear tonight that “Please make coffee in the morning.” does not mean make herself a single cup of coffee and leave her poor old father high and dry.
  • I’m listening to the 1981 Star Wars radio drama.  It’s interesting, and they went more in-depth on certain aspects of the story than you get in the movies.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
    • They do, however, linger a lot more on the burgeoning… infatuation between Luke and Leia.  In retrospect, it’s even creepier than the movies.
    • Did it ever occur to anyone in the Rebel Alliance that R2D2 had not only brought the plans for the Death Star, but had also been roaming the Imperial network for a while?
    • Also, did nobody in the entirety of the Alliance ever look at Luke and say “Skywalker?  Hey, I remember your father.   He was all over the vid screens during the war.  Good man.  Shame about how he turned out.”
  • I’m alpha reading for someone while I wait on beta readers.  I’ve said “I wish I’d written that” so often it’s becoming a mantra.
  • When we have met multiple times over multiple months, exchanged emails, and spoken about a thing several times in passing, use of the “First time I heard of it” defense when I try to actually do the thing causes your co-worker to have a blood pressure event.

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