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Movie Quotes – Day 302

Kindly do not attempt to cloud the issue with facts. — Mary Poppins

It never fails to amaze me that some people can only answer facts with anger.  Feelings seem to trump knowledge, especially when it comes to anything where the sides are pretty much black and white.  Being able to make an argument and back it up with facts makes me unfeeling, cold, and probably racist.

Oh well, I’ve been called worse.  If I’m going to lose, I’d rather lose because my facts were too precise than that my feelings weren’t sufficiently deep.

News Roundup

  • From the “Surprise!” Department – A study, which looked at the costs of health insurance for non-smoking people aged 23, 30, and 60 both before Obamacare was put into place and afterward, finds that costs go up as much as 78%.  Who would have known that a huge government mandate that distorts a market would cause drastic price increases?  I mean, it’s not like government subsidizing college education hasn’t helped to drive up the cost of a college education over the past few decades.  Here’s hoping that the light bringer, putts be upon him, can steer the country through the rocky shoals that he has led us to.  On the other hand, I hope this continues, because re-elections matter and the dopes who voted for him twice should suffer just like the rest of us.  If you were a high school senior or a college freshman and danced in the streets in 2008 because you voted for “Hope and Change”, then I hope you can find some spare change in your sofa cushions, because this is going to hurt.
  • From the “Aw, Hell No!” Department – A leaked State Department memo indicates that the Obama administration is considering allowing international aid workers who get infected with Ebola to come to the United States for treatment.  It is projected that this will cost roughly $500 million $500,000 per patient for transportation and treatment.  So, basically, we are inviting our ‘friends’ around the globe to use us as the dumping ground for any of their medical workers who get the West African cooties.  Foggy Bottom is denying that any such protocol exists, and that no such discussions are underway.
  • From the “Insults” Department – The Obama administration is in full diplomatic damage control mode after a White House official was quoted as saying that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is a “chickenshit”.  Mr. Netanyahu’s office has responded, and says that they are working with the Obama White House to smooth over any issues.  An anonymous source told this reporter that Israeli officials have taken to calling President Obama “gefilte fish”, in that he is soft, kind of slimy, and tasteless.
  • From the “Classy Dude” Department – Papa John’s Pizza founder and CEO, John Schnatter, surprised the family of a slain employee when he appeared at his funeral.  The employee died after being shot during a robbery.  Papa John’s is covering medical and funeral expenses for the employee’s family.   I’ve met Mr. Schnatter a couple of times when we have attended the same event, and I’ve never met a nicer gentleman.  He and his family support many charities around Louisville, including some that have benefited our family.  No jokes here. I just wanted to point out someone doing a good deed.

Note – Corrected “million” to “thousand” in the above paragraph about international aid workers coming to the United States to be treated for Ebola.  I was thinking “Half a million” and trying to write “$500,000).

Today’s Earworm

Movie Quotes – Day 301

Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear. — The Muppet Movie

Is it patriotic to question the authority of your government?  Is it chauvinistic to be proud of your country, warts and all?  Does love of country extend to being honest about times when we go wrong?  Are you a better citizen when you look at members of your own party or political leanings and say “Not just no, but hell no!”?

News Roundup

  • From the “Technology” Department – The passenger plane of the future is quite likely to not have windows.  In order to save weight, and therefore money, they will have thin displays on the wall, which will allow passengers to watch video, surf the Internet, or even make the side of the plane seem transparent.  Yeah, I can’t wait for the first time I wake up after being crammed into the window seat, with my head and upper torso scrunched against the wall, and see nothing but sky in front of me.  Now, that will make for some good blog fodder.
  • From the “Explanations” Department – South Korean intelligence agencies are reporting that they have discovered the reason why North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un disappeared for several weeks this year.  It appears that the rotund little dictator had surgery to remove a cyst in his ankle, which was probably brought about by his opulent lifestyle.  No word yet on whether efforts to remove what is left of his decency and humanity were successful.
  • From the “Science” Department – The biologist who found a specimen of a rain forest spider the size of a puppy is back in the news.  It appears that he has been criticized on-line, including at least one death threat, for killing the creature and bringing it back for study.  He explains that the species is not threatened with extinction and that the spider’s remains have been a boon to the study of arachnids.  I guess it was for the best that he didn’t say “It was a bloody huge spider, and I stomped it flat!”.
  • From the “Politics and Other Contagions” Department – A nurse, who recently returned from West Africa after heroically providing care to Ebola patients, has found the vocal harmonic necessary to get New Jersey Chris Christie to sit up, bark, then roll over. It would appear that being put into a tent, which is arguably a bit uncomfortable, in order to make sure that she doesn’t inadvertently infect someone with the Ebola virus was a violation of her human rights, and CNN was there to make sure that she had a mouthpiece through which to tell the world about how evil such things are.  The lady has been released to return to her home state of Maine, where it is expected that she will continue to be monitored for several weeks.  It is rumored that the CDC and other parts of the Obama administration leaned quite heavily on Governor Christie to get him to relent.  In other news, the U.S. Army is mandating a 21 day quarantine for soldiers returning from the humanitarian mission to West Africa. So, basically, if a nurse voluntarily goes to provide much-needed help during an epidemic of hemorrhagic fever, which includes direct contact with the sick people, it’s a violation of her rights to make her sit in a tent and surf the net for three weeks.  But if a private first class is ordered to go to the same region and does nothing to come into direct contact with sick people, she will spend three weeks playing spades and listening to fart jokes with the rest of her unit.  Can’t argue with that logic, now can I?
  • From the “Thief in the Night” Department – A Florida man recently shot a black bear in his pajamas.  How the bear got into his pajamas has not been reported.

Thought for the Day

Here’s a hint – Give a speech like this and make it believable, and you’ll probably get my vote in 2016.  Just saying.

Movie Quotes – Day 300

Unlike the cruel Leonidas, who demanded that you stand, I require only that you kneel. — 300

Freedom is difficult.  To stand up, take care of yourself and your family, to go to the job, and to protect all of this, takes more than you have some days.  How easy would it be to let it all go, to rest?  The trap of comfort and ease holds bait that is so sweet and fragrant, but it hides the poisons of stagnation and decline.  No true free man or woman will accept charity when they can provide for themselves.  Any true free man or woman will spit in the eye of someone who tells them to kneel before the will of a tyrant.

Today’s Earworm

Language warning on this one.


  • We went and got our pumpkins for Halloween on Saturday.  Girlie Bear decided that she could get the biggest one in the patch.  She didn’t think it was so much fun after I didn’t help her carry the darned thing to the car.
  • I have met camels before, but this was the first time I’ve met a camel who was friendly or one with soft, wooly hair.
  • If you claim to have gone to an engineering university, but still use words like “I believe” or “might” in your project status, it makes me question your bona fides.
  • There are those who call for castration of men who rape women or molest children.  Would it be proper to do a hysterectomy on a woman who abuses children?
  • “Make sure there’s room between you for your grandmas” was my advice last night when two young people wanted to lie down on the same mat to sleep during a lock-in party.  Mention of grandmothers always seems to calm down raging hormones.
  • This morning, I was stalking around a bunch of people at 5 AM, with a steely glint in my blood-shot eyes, a cup of coffee cradled in my hand, and a gruff attitude when approached.  God, I miss those days sometimes.  Not enough to want to do them more than once every year or so, of course.

Movie Quotes – Day 299

As though we were made for each other… Beauty and the Beast. Of course, if anyone else calls you beast, I’ll rip their lungs out. — Batman

Guys, treat her like she’s a queen, because to you, she is.  Let’s be honest, most of us are lucky that the lady in our life talked to us in the first place.  The fact that I’ve been with Irish Woman and she’s only tried to kill me on a couple of occasions is absolutely remarkable.  Make sure she knows how grateful you are for the fact that she doesn’t murder you in your sleep.


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